Darius Fisher

President & CEO, Status Labs

Combining smart public relations strategy with new and innovative online reputation management methods, Darius Fisher continues to blur the lines between new and old school public relations helping individuals to Fortune 500 companies and their CEO’s look their best online. A testament to Fisher’s skill is the fact that he successfully navigated Status Labs through its own crisis when a former executive’s unethical actions outside of his role at the company made local and national headlines in March of 2015. Under Darius’ guidance and leadership, Status Labs repaired its own reputation over the course of a year through its own proprietary tactics and by making meaningful changes to all aspects of the business. Exactly one year later, in March of 2016, Status Labs had its first-ever 1 million dollar month putting it on target to exceed its 2016 revenue goal of 7 million -- 2 million more than 2015. Fisher continues to grow Status Labs’ workforce by hiring talented digital natives in the areas of PR, SEO, account management, and business development.