DaShanne Stokes

Sociologist, author, speaker, and pundit. Scholar of culture, politics, and civil rights.

Powerful, inspirational, and known for digging deep beneath the surface, Dr. DaShanne Stokes is a respected public intellectual, sociologist, author, speaker, and pundit. A scholar of politics, culture, and civil rights, he has been an invited college speaker and a sought after guest featured on NPR, the BBC, Sky News,, and other national and international media. Dr. Stokes' work has been praised and quoted by world leaders. His fresh and provocative thinking has been also been quoted by senior White House officials, celebrities, and has been quoted in hundreds of major outlets around the world, including People, USA Today, The Nation, The Hill, BET, HuffPost, and His work has appeared in scholarly journals, books, and publications like The Chronicle of Higher Education, The Advocate, Diverse, and Indian Country Today, among others. DaShanne Stokes' story has also been featured multiple times on the front page of HuffPost, where he is also a contributor. For media inquiries, please contact media (at) dashannestokes (dot) com. Follow Dr. DaShanne Stokes on Twitter @DaShanneStokes.