Dave Lauer

Entrepreneur, former trader, story-teller

Dave Lauer is a Market Structure and Technology Architecture Consultant. He is an expert on the new electronic marketplace for equities and commodities, with extensive experience helping to design and build the infrastructure that underpins many modern electronic trading systems as well as several years’ experience as a quantitative analyst and trader on high-frequency trading desks. His current work focuses both on highly scalable technology architecture design and helping organizations understand and navigate modern equity markets. Some recent projects include public advocacy on market structure and Wall St reform and designing a new investor-owned and investor- focused equities exchange. He has testified before the Senate Banking Committee and appeared on an SEC Panel discussing high-frequency trading and the implications of technology on modern market microstructure.

Dave has been profiled in the Wall St. Journal and is a frequent source for articles on high-speed trading in the New York Times, Wall St. Journal, CBS MarketWatch and many other publications. His previous work includes electronic trading at Allston Trading and Citadel Investment Group, and he was an early employee at Tervela. In his spare time, he helps to build and run, a story-telling website. Dave sits on several for-profit and non-profit boards, and has a Master’s degree in International Economics and Finance from Brandeis University.