Dave Spencer

Founder, Practically Republican

Dave Spencer founded Practically Republican to create a forum where pragmatic, levelheaded GOP supporters could make their voices heard at a time when divisiveness, anger and rhetoric dominate the party platform. Spencer’s journey towards practical politics was shaped by his background and a critical turning point in his life. Born in New York as a member of the Rockefeller family, Spencer grew up around a culture of political involvement. But a devastating car accident at age 19 cost him a leg and the use of an arm. This life-changing injury required a physical, mental and emotional adjustment to deal with the realities of his disability, leading Spencer to pursue a positive, logical worldview that included his politics. The mission of Practically Republican is to spur and facilitate constructive engagement that results in citizen-based solutions Washington can’t ignore. Spencer is updating the traditional definition of “Rockefeller Republican,” which signified fiscally conservative, socially open-minded, and legislatively collaborative political solutions to pressing national problems. He has never run for office, and has no plans to. Spencer also hosts the podcast, Practically Political, which features in depth-conversations with politicians from both parties, members of the media and Washington insiders. He is the author of “Practically Republican: Why Concerned Citizens Must Renew & Reclaim The GOP.” Spencer serves on the Executive Committee of the California Republican Party and is a Board Member of the No Labels Foundation.