David H Bailey

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (retired) and University of California, Davis

David H. Bailey is a leading figure in the field of high-performance scientific computing, with research in numerical algorithms and parallel computing, and also in the field of experimental mathematics, namely the application of computing in mathematical research. Perhaps his best-known paper in describes a new formula for Pi, discovered by a computer program, that permits one to directly calculate binary digits of Pi, beginning at an arbitrary starting position, without needing to calculate any of the preceding digits. He has also published works in financial mathematics, including several studies of the problem of backtest overfitting. Bailey operates several blogs, including one devoted to experimental mathematics and another to financial mathematics, and also writes popular articles on mathematics, computing and science for the Huffington Post and the Conversation. Bailey is the recipient of the Chauvenet and Merten Hesse Prizes from the Mathematical Association of America, the Sidney Fernbach Award from the IEEE Computer Society and the Gordon Bell Prize from the Association of Computing Machinery.