David A. Dunn

Commercial Real Estate Broker & Developer; Author, Avid Mountain Biker.

David Dunn is a retired commercial developer and author of Get Life Right: Ten Minute Reads. Your Companion for Personal Growth, Prosperity, and Fulfillment.

Dave struggled as a student. Working around his ADD, dyslexia and memory deficits gave him empathy for others whom he affectionately refers to as “strugglers” – people who tend to get in their own way.

While talk of the Great Depression and the end World War II made him frugal and focused, he followed the advice of several self-help books and, as a result, he earned his college degree and a broker’s license by the time he was twenty-one. Following his own advice, Dave chose real estate where schooling smarts were not as important as judgment, common sense, a good plan, and the will to make his plan work.

For his profession, he chose to work for companies that constructed buildings for
retail chains, which would allow him to take most of his pay in partial ownership
of the buildings. That gave him the highest long-term growth potential with the
least amount of risk.

Twenty-five years later, Dave is retired, enjoys mountain biking all over the world, and hanging out with his kids and grandkids. For more information about Dave, visit

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