David C. Bloomfield

Professor of Education Leadership, Law, and Policy, Brooklyn College and The CUNY Graduate Center and author, American Public Education Law, 3d Edition

David C. Bloomfield (J.D., Columbia; M.P.A., Princeton) is Professor of Education Leadership, Law & Policy at Brooklyn College and The CUNY Graduate Center. The author of American Public Education Law and other publications, he worked previously as an elementary and middle school teacher; General Counsel to the NYC Board of Education; Senior Education Adviser to the Manhattan Borough President; and executive director of public education programs at the Partnership for New York City. Bloomfield holds certification as a teacher, principal, and superintendent and was an elected parent member and President of New York's Citywide Council on High Schools. He appears as an expert witness, provides consulting and public speaking services, and comments frequently on federal, state, and local education issues in print and electronic media. Among other honors, Bloomfield received the first Paul Robeson Prize in Minority Legal Studies from Columbia Law School.