David Dent

Associate Professor, NYU; author

David J. Dent is founder and editor of the blog, He is an Associate Professor at New York University where he holds a joint appointment at the Arthur Carter Journalism Institute and in the Department of Social and Cultural Analysis. He created the course “Deconstructing Obama” and teaches courses in journalism and non-fiction writing. Within the past two years, he has travelled through more than 100 Bush-Obama counties and interviewed a diversity of residents on culture, politics, the economy and the future of the country. He is the author of<em> In Search of Black America</em> which was a New York Times Notable Book of 2000. He has written for <em>The New York Times Magazine, Book Review and Education Life </em>supplement, <em>Playboy</em>, <em>GQ</em>, <em>Salon,</em> <em>The Washington Post</em> and many other publications. He is author of the forthcoming The American Extreme to be published by St. Martin’s Press and The Best Essay of Your Life: The College Admissions Essay to be published by Random House. He and his wife Valerie are Co-Founders and Directors of <em>Write for the Future</em>. <a href="" target="_blank">www</a><a href="" target="_blank">.</a><a href="" target="_blank">writeforthefuture</a><a href="" target="_blank">.</a><a href="" target="_blank">com</a>. The organization uses the tools of journalism to help Middle and High School students become better writers, a method that will be detailed in The Best Essay of Your Life.