David Ernesto Munar

President and CEO, Howard Brown Health Center

David Ernesto Munar has devoted his entire professional career to building comprehensive systems of care and prevention that meet the needs of vulnerable populations.

Since joining Howard Brown Health Center (HBHC) in 2014, Munar has focused his efforts in ensuring the delivery of excellent health and wellness services to HBHC’s patient populations, strengthening finances and operations, and positioning the organization for long-term sustainability and growth.

Prior to HBHC, Munar honed his career at the AIDS Foundation of Chicago (AFC). He joined AFC in 1991 and, during his 23-years at the agency, served as policy director, vice president of policy and communication, senior vice president, and president and CEO, a position he held from 2011 to 2014. As chief officer, Munar managed a $23 million portfolio of care, prevention and policy programs and services. At HBHC, Munar oversees a staff of 250 employees at seven sites with an annual operating budget of $38 million.

His two decades of accomplishments fighting HIV/AIDS has advanced sound health policy locally and nationally. In 2007, he helped launch the Coalition for a National AIDS Strategy, which led to the National HIV/AIDS Strategy unveiled by President Obama in July 2010.

Munar’s work draws on career experience and perspectives as a bilingual Colombian‐American and gay man living with HIV. He is an avid runner and graduate of Northwestern University.