David Horton


David Horton is a writer and polymath with qualifications in both science and the arts (BA, BSc, MSc, PhD, DLitt), and has had professional careers (and done research work) in biology, archaeology, publishing and farming, extending over 30 years. He has published some 100 scientific papers and a number of books on biology and archaeology. Now retired to become a professional writer and farmer, he screams often at the tv news bulletins, blogs, writes columns for local newspapers, gives talks to environmental groups, lectures occasionally in local colleges, and continues to work on his interest in the environment. His early blog writing is at here, more recent writing is at The Watermelon Blog.

He believes environment should be the first consideration not the last; that all people should be treated equally; that education should depend upon ability not wealth; that health care should respond to need not bank balance; that the gap between rich and poor should be reduced not widened; that the public should owner essential services and infrastructure; that law and dispute resolution should be the basis of treatment of citizens, and of relationships between citizens of all countries; that the democratic process is crucial; that it is better to treat causes than symptoms, to prevent rather than cure, in health, social or environmental matters.

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