David Misch

Author, "A Beginner's Guide To Corruption"

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David's books "A Beginner's Guide To Corruption" and "Funny: The Book" are available on Amazon.

As a screenwriter, David's first job was "Mork & Mindy” ("Fly, be free!"), which was nominated for two Emmys, including Outstanding Comedy Series. He also co-wrote “Leave It To Dave” ("Martin Mull's Recipe For Ketchup"), the pilot for David Letterman’s first talk-show, and was Special Consultant on "The Muppets Take Manhattan" ("Meat makes me ill, Gill"). Later, he was Executive Producer of “Duckman” ("Hey, get your own wacky scream"), which was nominated for multiple Emmys, won the CableACE and Banff awards for Best Animated Series, and was released (only 12 years after it ended) on DVD.

David also wrote for the legendary, albeit short-lived, Zucker-Abrahams-Zucker series “Police Squad!” ("No sax before a fight"); was a guest writer on “Saturday Night Live” ("Dylan Thomas -- he drank"); and, coming full circle, wrote the NBC movie “Behind The Camera: The Unauthorized Story of ‘Mork & Mindy’” ("Realty -- what a concept"), which he is hoping soon to have authorized. Most recently he completed an autobiographical sketch for The Huffington Post.

David’s play "The Boomer Boys" ("I did cocaine twice -- 2005 through 2008 and an hour ago") opens at the Secret Rose Theatre in Burbank in February. He's written for ("Please remove your hand from my rectum"), been collected in the anthology May Contain Nuts ("I am hoping this note is found before I suffocate") and recorded the quasi-legendary "Somerville" ("Come watch the buildings stand up proud and tall / While, far below, the pavement hugs the ground") for Fretless Records.

David speaks on comedy at a variety of venues -- Yale, the Smithsonian, Oxford, the 92nd St. Y, University of Sydney (Australia), the American Film Institute, the New York Public Library, the Burbank Comedy Festival, the VIEW Digital Cinema (Torino, Italy) conference; and has taught comedy at USC and UCLA.

(The following is meant only for those people with the ability to offer employment in the entertainment industry.)

Mr. Misch is 26 years old.

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