David Munk

I have written the pop culture blog since 2010.

David Munk, a New Yorker by birth and temperament, was born in Brooklyn the week that "Baby Love" by the Supremes went to number one. He received a B.F.A. from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, where he majored in film, and did extensive post-graduate work at the School of Hard Knocks which, being an experiential program, conferred no degree, but provided him with a lifetime of material. Over the years, he has worked successfully as an actor, writer, record producer, artist manager, music publishing creative director, and vintage clothing purveyor. Most recently, he has worked as an SEO copywriter, branding, and communications consultant for a host of clients, including Bulgari, DeBeers, and Kjaer Weiss Organic Skincare. In 2011 he was featured in the World of Wonder docu-soap Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys. In early 2016, perhaps in an attempt to reclaim the spirit of pre-Bloomberg Manhattan, David moved to Brooklyn. In September 2016, realizing he got his dates wrong and was actually looking for the spirit of pre-Guiliani Manhattan, he left New York entirely, decamping to Dallas, Texas. "I will always be a New Yorker, but who wants a lover who always has a headache?" he explained. "A city that exists primarily for the pleasure of tourists, Hedge Fund billionaires, and Sarah Jessica Parker doesn't share my values. I appreciate all three, but not at the expense of everybody else." he added. "It is revelatory to realize where you live is not a sentence, but a choice. New York used to be a place where artists and outliers of every stripe went to reinvent themselves. Now it's a place you have to leave in order to do the same thing." Dallas is a vibrant, growing city with a completely different concept of space. "I was right all along," he adds. "I didn't have too many pairs of shoes, the closets were too small."