David Quigg

Ex-reporter, avid photographer, and blogger at <a href="">too many Daves</a>

David Quigg grew up liberal and outnumbered in the evangelical stronghold of Wheaton, IL. After graduating from UC Berkeley, he became a journalist and promptly fell into a necessary and life-changing political hibernation. In his dealings with sources, he learned immediately to ignore ideology and value intellectual honesty above all else. The source he came to respect most turned out to be a Republican. David believes the most dangerous political animal is the smart person who says dumb things to trick the ignorant and the inattentive.

He ended his journalism career as an award-winning reporter for The (Tacoma) News Tribune, a 128,000-circulation daily. He covered the World Trade Organization riots, politics, local government, and all things Seattle for the paper. He quit in 2003 to stay home with his daughter and prepare for the birth of his son.

Once outside of journalism, David came to worry deeply about what kind of future the Bush Administration would mean for his kids. In 2008, he started writing about politics again and has devoted serious energy to understanding what the Iraq War will mean for America's place in the world.

David's personal blog is called Ignorance + Curiosity.

David's latest photography show will be up through September 10. Details are here. Photos from the show can be seen here.

For reasons of expediency that he cannot truly justify, he chose to take his HuffPost bio photo with a camera-phone. Without combing his hair. Some of his less unkempt photography can be seen here.

David lives in Seattle with his daughter, son, and wife, a pediatric ER doctor. He can be reached at quiggblog [at]