David Sciarra

Executive Director, the Education Law Center (ELC)

David G. Sciarra is Executive Director of the Education Law Center (ELC) in Newark, New Jersey. A practicing civil rights lawyer since 1978, he has litigated a wide range of cases involving socio-economic rights, including affordable housing, shelter for the homeless and welfare rights. Since 1996, he has litigated to enforce access for low income and minority children to an equal and adequate education under state and federal laws. He has served as counsel to urban students in the landmark Abbott v. Burke case, which the New York Times described as “the most significant education case” since Brown v. Board of Education.

Mr. Sciarra directs the work of ELC, one of the nation’s premier education advocacy organizations. ELC works to improve educational opportunities and outcomes for low- income students, students of color, and students with special needs, through policy initiatives, action research, public engagement, and when necessary, legal action.

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