Deb Lecos

Deb Lecos is a contributor for Huffington Post, elephant journal and soon to be published author of a self-help book on healing.

Deb Lecos LMT, CST-T is a columnist for elephant journal, blogger and speaker on topics of healing, parenting, politics, and peaceful coexistence. As a business owner/practitioner/mentor of the healing arts, she utilizes CranioSacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation and shamanism. She lives with her husband and a pair of wholly undisciplined shelter dogs, who have shown the mental health benefits of a readied mop pail. Deb has a loving-via-text relationship with her two children, who are on an extended sleep-over, in the ancient rainforest called adulthood. Deb will soon be authoring a book that answers the question “If you knew healing was always possible how far would you go to attain it?”