Dean Becker

Drug Truth Network Reporter

My name is Dean Becker, a reporter, anchored at KPFT, Houston's Pacifica radio station, 90.1 FM.

I produce 9 radio programs each week for the Drug Truth Network, (7) three minute reports: the "4:20 Drug War NEWS" and (2) half-hour programs: Cultural Baggage and Century of Lies. We interview judges, congressmen, scientists, Nobel laureates, cops, wardens, prisoners, priests, patients and providers. (Hundreds of such programs are available online at

We broadcast one or more of these 9 programs on 63 affiliate stations in the US Canada and Australia. We present the "Unvarnished Truth" about the harms of drug prohibition. (We've been producing these programs for more than 7 years.)

Our programs feature reports from around the world on the US mandated, world "control' of the drugs supply.

As a former police officer I joined my "band of brothers", Law Enforcement Against Prohibition in 2002 as one of the earliest speakers. I now speak each year to dozens of fraternal organizations, college seminars, church groups and other organizations for LEAP.

We have proven, time and again by the words of unquestioned experts, that there is no truth, justice, logic, scientific fact, medical data or any reason whatsoever, sufficient to justify this eternal war on our own people. Our goal is to share this truth with enough Americans to bring this failed, hopeless policy of drug prohibition to an end.

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