DeAsia Paige

writer, college student, Black women enthusiast

DeAsia Paige is basketball junkie, old-school-music lover, and a fan of all things Toni Morrison. Okay, that was the fun and easy way to describe me. Here's the thorough and detailed bio: DeAsia Paige is a writer and blogger who has made it her mission to promote black female narratives. In addition to promoting that purpose with her blog, DeAsia Paige, she is the founder of F.IE.R.C.E. an empowerment platform for black girls. She is also a sports writer for Fansided and Spark Sports. Currently a journalism major at the University of Kansas, DeAsia Paige aspires to merge her passions for black women and sports into a a thriving journalism career. To learn more about DeAsia Paige, visit her blog, DeAsia Paige.

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