Deb Carlin Polhill

Founder, Visions & Vibes ~ Inspired by Cait Chivonne

Deborah (Deb) Carlin Polhill accepted an early retirement offer from federal service in June, 2011 in order to pursue dreams of starting her own business, Visions & Vibes, a marketing and communications company. Just a few short months later, she suffered the loss of her youngest daughter, Caitlin Chivonne, in October. Deb has since transitioned the company to Visions & Vibes, Inc. ~ Inspired by Cait Chivonne, offering original music, poetry and writings.

Deb had begun songwriting quite unexpectedly in 2008, when the words to what would become her first song, "Blown Away” came, inspired by Cait Chivonne. The music followed and she has been writing and recording ever since. In 2009, she completed her first album, “Life Lines." Deb was further inspired by Cait Chivonne to write this, her first book, Love ~ Honor ~ Celebrate: A Mother’s Journey of Transition, detailing this unexpected turn in her life's journey. Throughout the book, Deb shares revelations, perspectives and discoveries she has experienced since Cait's passing.

Deb is best defined by her family, which forever holds Cait Chivonne’s memory at its very center. She has been married for 34 years to her husband Bob, also recently retired after 30 years of federal service. Her oldest daughter Lauren married Brendan Shortt in 2008 and in July 2011, the family welcomed first grandchild, Emma Adele. Deb relishes the time she spends with Emma and dreams of further song and story to share as she continues to celebrate this thing called life.

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