Deb Levine

Creator of Columbia U's Go Ask Alice website, and Exec. Director of

Deb Levine has been working in the field of youth sexual health since 1993, when she discovered the power of the Internet to discuss sensitive topics while creating the immensely popular Go Ask Alice website. Her work has been cited in former President Clinton's Advisory Council Report on Education and the Internet, and in 2009, she was a Pop!Tech Social Innovation Fellow.

In addition to authoring a book, "The Joy of Cybersex" (Ballantine, 1998), Deb has authored and co-authored numerous professional papers that have been published in journals such as the American Journal of Public Health, Journal of Sexuality Research and Social Policy, and AIDSCare.

She has written sex advice columns for AOL, Time-Warner, Planned Parenthood Federation, and Yahoo! and has been extensively quoted in print in the New York Times,, and The Wall Street Journal. Deb has also enjoyed notoriety on the Fox News Channel’s Bill O'Reilly show, and has been interviewed on National Public Radio.

Deb holds a Bachelor's of Social Work from Cornell University and a Master's of Arts in Experiential Education from New York University. She is also is the parent of two young daughters.