Debbie Robins

Named One Of The Top Leadership, Executive and Culture Coaches. Best-selling Author/Proud Huffington Post Blogger

Debbie Robins was named one of the top leadership, executive and culture coaches in the country in 2009. She is a change catalyst and trained CCO: Chief Culture Officer. She has deep roots in the entertainment industry where she produced six films, ran two major companies and was a VP at Disney.

Debbie believes in creating wealth across all verticals: financial wealth, creative wealth, a wealth of health, emotional wealth, mental wealth, philanthropic wealth and spiritual wealth.

Debbie is affiliated with the prestigious Rockport Institute of Career Change and Counseling in Washington, D.C., lauded by Bill Clinton as pioneers in the field, and further trained by Marshall Goldsmith, considered the #1 thought leader in the field of leadership training.

Debbie is the recipient of a Masters degree in applied Psychology from the University of Santa Monica in Los Angeles, California.

A world-class professional, Debbie has extensive expertise in helping clients attain sustainable professional success. Debbie believes that success is "an inside job", inside your psyche and inside the four walls of your company.

Debbie is a go-to person for advice and has appeared on ABC (The Job Club, GMA Health), NBC (LXTV, Chuck Scarborough) and Fox News (The Strategy Room). She has appeared on national and syndicated radio shows (Joan Hamburg, Joey Reynolds, Ask Missy, Dr. Nancy, The Doctors); and is a featured blogger for the Huffington Post.

Debbie’s first book, Where Peace Lives, enjoys endorsements from Deepak Chopra, Gore Vidal, Maria Shriver, Arianna Huffington, Penny Marshall, Jane Seymour, Debbie Ford and more. Her second book, Shovel It! Kick-Ass Advice To Turn Life’s Crap Into The Peace And Happiness You Deserve, came out in November 2009 and hosts a celebrity chapter including many of Debbie’s Hollywood and C-Suite friends: Deepak Chopra, Rosanna Arquette, Julia Ormond, Sandra Bernhard, Peter Schlessel/ President Graham King Productions, Carolyn Bivens/former commissioner of the LPGA, CCO Dan Burrier/CIO Ogilvy/Mather, music phenom Daniel Powter, top environmentalists, Nobel Peace Prize winners and more.

Her books are an organic extension of her passion to help people make the choices that will give them successful lives and the ability to impact the world.

For over twenty years Debbie was an established Hollywood film and television producer. She was President of Roland Joffe’s Warner Brothers company, a producing partner with director John McTiernan and Donna Dubrow, a producing partner with director Penny Marshall, and a Vice President at Disney. She produced Calendar Girl, Amanda, Fat Man And Little Boy, The Right To Remain Silent, The Challenger, Samaritan; The Mitch Snyder Story and Boner the Dog, working with such talent as Paul Newman, Martin Sheen, Cicely Tyson, George Segal, Jason Priestley, Dennis Haysbert, Kieran Culkin, Laura San Giacomo, Amanda Plummer, Patrick Dempsey, Sandra Bernhardt, Robert Loggia, LL. Cool J, and more. She has overseen the development and production of numerous other television and film projects.

Debbie graduated cum laude from Kenyon College. She is married to film director/writer Hubert de La Bouillerie and resides between New York City and Los Angeles

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