Deborah Senn

Consumer attorney and former Insurance Commissioner

Deborah Senn an expert on insurance,served two terms as Washington State’s elected insurance commissioner (1993-2001). She has already been to the health care wars.

Senn, an attorney and consumer advocate, is an expert on health care, life insurance, long term care, property and casualty, insurance company corporate structure and pet insurance. She also consults on insurance regulation for emerging democracies having recently traveled to Vietnam, Serbia, Algeria and Paraguay.

While in office Senn implemented key health insurance reforms, and the nation’s first regulations for environmental cleanup claims. She was a national leader in protecting the victims of domestic violence from insurance discrimination, and was the first U.S. Insurance Commissioner to call for regulatory action on behalf of Holocaust victims denied insurance benefits after World War II.

Prior to serving as Insurance Commissioner, Senn was Legal Counsel to the Washington State Legislature’s Joint Select Committee on Telecommunications, the House Energy and Utilities Committees.

Senn has written two plays. The latest one woman play recounts her dramatic 2004 race for Washington State Attorney General and the impact of U.S. Chamber of Commerce funded attack ads that violated State campaign financing laws.