Debra Jenkins

Special needs advocate, mother of an addict in recovery, blogger at Dreaming With Your Feet.

Debra Jenkins founded Merrimack Hall Performing Arts Center in Huntsville, Alabama with her husband in 2006. Today, the nonprofit serves more than 400 children, teens and adults with special needs like Down syndrome, autism and cerebral palsy. She frequently writes about working with people who have special needs, and surviving her son’s journey through addiction and into recovery.

By working with recovering addicts and people with special needs, Debra has learned that we are all more alike than we are different, that it’s never too late to find your life’s calling and that the biggest risk in life is being afraid to take a risk. She hopes that her writing will leave readers inspired to find their own life’s calling as they hear about the unconventional way that she found hers.

Read her blog at Dreaming With Your Feet.

Follow her on Twitter at @debradreaming.