Drusilla Blackman

Admissions Consultant & Former Harvard and Columbia Dean of Admissions

Drusilla Blackman is a former Harvard and Columbia Dean of Admissions. She has worked in college admissions for over 40 years, and during her career, she has read hundreds of thousands of Ivy League applications and essays. As dean, she was responsible for the recruitment and selection of students to the country's most selective colleges. After leaving the Ivy League, Drusilla founded The Ivy Dean, a college admissions consulting firm, to work one-on-one with students and families. She helps students successfully complete each step of the admissions process to improve the strength and competitiveness of their college applications. At The Ivy Dean, she has helped hundreds of students get accepted to the country's top, selective colleges—including the Ivy League. Today, Drusilla is considered the top admissions expert in the field. You may learn more about her background by visiting her company page at