Dee Dee Mendez

Founder, Feng Shui Wellness Consulting

Dee Dee Mendez is a recovering Human Resources and professional development leader who reinvented herself as a certified Feng Shui Master when overwhelmed by job burnout, lack of life quality, and chronic health issues after over two decades plodding along in corporate America. She lost her sense of purpose given that, as human beings, we are happiest when we are connected to other people and when we know that what we are doing makes a difference.

So she left the industry, and formally learned her craft in a three-year BTB Feng Shui™ Masters Training Program, under the teachings of the late Professor Lin Yun. After leaving PricewaterhouseCoopers, Merrill Lynch and Citi, Mendez founded Feng Shui Wellness Consulting to help people thrive in all areas of life, through the power of aligning their surroundings with their intentions.

And when she’s not working, Mendez is busy preparing organic macaroni and cheese for her daughter Mercedes, 3, and slipping a few bites to their black pug, Bogie.

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