Dee Dee Myers

Political analyst and commentator, Contributing Editor to Vanity Fair

Dee Dee Myers is a political analyst and commentator, Contributing
Editor to Vanity Fair and author of the New York Times' best-selling
book, Why Women Should Rule the World. She is also a popular
lecturer on politics, the media and women’s issues.

Myers served as White House Press Secretary during President Clinton’s
first term. She was the first woman and one of the youngest people
ever to hold that job. Asked how she dealt with an often combative
press corps, Myers once said: “Never take it personally – and never
lose your sense of humor.”

After leaving the White House, Myers filled the liberal chair on the
CNBC political talk show, “Equal Time,” matching wits with
conservative co-hosts Mary Matalin and Bay Buchanan. She also worked
as a consultant on the Emmy-award winning television series, "The West
Wing." In addition to Vanity Fair, her work has appeared in numerous
publications including The New York Times, Time Magazine, O, the Oprah
Magazine, the Washington Post, Politico and the Los Angeles Times.

Before joining the Clinton for President campaign in the fall of 1991,
Myers worked on a number of local, state and national campaigns. A
1983 graduate of the Santa Clara University, she currently lives in
Washington with her husband, Todd Purdum, National Editor for Vanity
Fair, and their two children.