Dee Dee Myers

Political analyst and commentator, Contributing Editor to Vanity Fair

Dee Dee Myers is a political analyst and commentator, Contributing<br /> Editor to Vanity Fair and author of the New York Times' best-selling<br /> book, Why Women Should Rule the World. She is also a popular<br /> lecturer on politics, the media and women’s issues.<br /> <br /> Myers served as White House Press Secretary during President Clinton’s<br /> first term. She was the first woman and one of the youngest people<br /> ever to hold that job. Asked how she dealt with an often combative<br /> press corps, Myers once said: “Never take it personally – and never<br /> lose your sense of humor.”<br /> <br /> After leaving the White House, Myers filled the liberal chair on the<br /> CNBC political talk show, “Equal Time,” matching wits with<br /> conservative co-hosts Mary Matalin and Bay Buchanan. She also worked<br /> as a consultant on the Emmy-award winning television series, "The West<br /> Wing." In addition to Vanity Fair, her work has appeared in numerous<br /> publications including The New York Times, Time Magazine, O, the Oprah<br /> Magazine, the Washington Post, Politico and the Los Angeles Times.<br /> <br /> Before joining the Clinton for President campaign in the fall of 1991,<br /> Myers worked on a number of local, state and national campaigns. A<br /> 1983 graduate of the Santa Clara University, she currently lives in<br /> Washington with her husband, Todd Purdum, National Editor for Vanity<br /> Fair, and their two children.