Deepti Pradhan

Scientist, science café purveyor, music enthusiast, patient & public ed advocate. A 2015 Public Voices Fellow at The Op-Ed Project@Yale.

Deepti Pradhan has published pieces in The Huffington Post, UN Dispatch, Footnote. You can find all her articles aggregated on the Medium ( She sustains her passion for science through Tilde Café (, an independent not-for-profit science café she founded in 2008, to help demystify science for the non-scientist. Over the years, Deepti has received awards in recognition of these efforts. After spending the better part of her career immersed in chemistry, biochemistry, and cell biology, including 13 years on the faculty of the Yale School of Medicine, Deepti changed direction and moved to the Yale Office of Development in 2008, where she uses her skills in data analysis to enhance donor support for the university.