Dennis Santiago

Global Risk and Financial Analyst

Author and commentator on global stability, national policy, politics and financial industry issues. Dennis Santiago is the Senior Managing Director for Compliance and Analytics at Total Bank Solutions. He is responsible for developing new financial products, financial technology innovations and regulatory analysis at his firm. He is a respected entrepreneur and corporate executive with 28 years in the finance industry plus 10 years in aerospace-defense industry. Dennis is C-suite qualified to manage complex information and technology dependent organizations. He is a recognized subject matter expert and innovator who can architect, manage and code while being diplomatic at navigating academic, business, finance and government settings. Dennis invented the TBS' Bank Monitor, a system that tests the safety and soundness of 100% of all depository institutions in the US. It is used by the financial industry, federal and state agencies to assist in monitoring the systemic health of the US banking system. Dennis has a long history with the data and society issues with a deep understanding of internet content delivery algorithms and digital news media. He was a member of the DotCom One start-up team for, one of the pioneers of modern online news. Dennis is a lifelong respected subject matter analyst on national policy and global stability issues, an area of expertise he developed during the Cold War as strategic warfare systems designer, missile defense architect and arms control analyst. He holds a BSEE from UC Irvine and an MBA from the Anderson School at UCLA.