Derek Henry Flood

Independent Editor, Writer and Photojournalist

Derek Henry Flood is an independent editor, writer, photojournalist and blogger (The War Diaries). His focus is primarily on Middle Eastern, Central and South Asian affairs and issues concerning modern political Islam. While studying Political Geography at San Diego State University, his interest in political Islam grew organically after spending time in Iran and Pakistan researching the rise of the Taleban movement for his senior thesis in 1999-2000. He has covered the recent wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebanon as well as their domestic repercussions in the United States. He regularly appears on BBC World Service and BBC Arabic television as an international affairs commentator. His writing is featured online with Asia Times The Jamestown Foundation, The Digital Journalist and right and here at the HuffPo. His photography has appeared widely in the European Union in such print publications as in Time, Le Figaro, L'Espresso, La Tribune and Le Vif among many others. He currently works for The Jamestown Foundation as editor and founder of its Militant Leadership Monitor publication, and has worked for Georgetown University and the Center for Public Integrity in Washington D.C previously.