Tenille Livingston

I am a visionary who believes that anything is possible through hard work and consistency. All that you need to be successful is already on the inside of you.

Homelessness, Divorcee, Public assistance, College dropout, you name it Tenille has experienced it all, but she did not let the labels keep her from going after her dreams. In 2013, she was laid off her contracting job and was left with one check to pay her bills and to take care of the needs of her three children. She had just recently purchased a new car and at the time was unsure of what to do because the car could not be returned. Tenille then decided to use that vehicle to find employment and rented a room for herself and her children. While in that room she created a vision board and reached out to Arianna Huffington in hopes that she would be her mentor. A few weeks went by and Arianna replied stating that she would love to mentor Tenille, but she would be going on tour soon for her book release "Redefining Success." She then offered Tenille the opportunity to write for the Huffington Post on a regular basis and asked that she title her very first post "Redefining Success." Tenille Livingston, a native of Toledo, Ohio and currently lives in the Atlanta area. She is a mother of three beautiful children, Writer, Motivational Speaker, and Success Coach. As a Motivational Speaker, her role is to provide her audience with the necessary tools to become successful in every aspect of their life, including love, family, and business. She is a big believer in DREAMING BIG. Tenille Livingston supports anything that will lift people higher and lead them on the path to their purpose.