Devon Whitham

National Organizer, 99Rise

Devon Whitham is a national organizer with 99Rise. An Anti-war and global justice activist in high school, Devon engaged in her first act of civil disobedience in college in support of mostly immigrant hotel workers struggling for a living wage outside of Los Angeles' LAX airport. Inspired by that experience, Devon went on to organize with the hotel workers' union UNITE HERE in Los Angeles, and then to the AFL-CIO in Washington, DC where she worked to educate union members about the devastating impact corporate backed anti-immigrant legislation has on all workers. Most recently Devon worked as a law clerk doing foreclosure prevention work in a legal aid office in the northern San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles county. Her time in the labor, immigrant rights and homeowner rights movements has convinced her that none of the crises Americans face have a chance of being meaningfully addressed and justly resolved under our current rigged political system that serves the interests of the worst of the 1% at the expense of everyone else.

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