Diana Raab, Ph.D.

Diana Raab, Ph.D. is an award-winning writer, poet, and speaker, and author of 9 books and over 500 articles and poems.

Diana Raab, Ph.D, is an award-winning writer, poet, memoirist, blogger, speaker, and author of nine books and over 500 articles and poems. She’s also editor of two anthologies, Writers on the Edge: 22 Writers Speak About Addiction and Dependency and Writers and Their Notebooks. Raab’s two memoirs are Regina's Closet: Finding My Grandmother's Secret Journal and Healing With Words: A Writer’s Cancer Journey. She also blogs or Psychology Today and PsychAlive. She facilitates workshops focusing on writing for healing and transformation. Raab has been writing since childhood, when her mother gave her a journal to help her cope with her grandmother’s suicide. She’s the mother of three adult children and lives in Southern California. Her forthcoming book, Writing for Bliss: A Seven- Step Plan for Telling Your Story and Transforming Your Life is due out in the Fall of 2017 by Loving Healing Press.