Diane Wiener

Educator, advocate, poet, artist, singer, bass player, social worker. Writes on diversity, social justice, inclusion, pedagogy, empowerment.

Diane R. Wiener, who is obsessed with all things Spider-Man, has published on subjects related to diversity, social justice, inclusion, pedagogy, and empowerment, with particular attention paid to interdisciplinarity (including feminist and queer media studies, sociolinguistic and medical anthropology, critical theory), cross-disabilities perspectives, and the Mad Pride movement. Diane holds a Ph.D. (U. Arizona, 2005: Comparative Cultural and Literary Studies), an M.S.W. (Yeshiva University, 1989), and a B.S. (Rutgers University, 1987), as well as a Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Anthropology (U. Arizona, 2005). Diane joined the Syracuse University Division of Student Affairs (now the Division of Enrollment and the Student Experience) as the Director of the Disability Cultural Center in the fall of 2011, after being a full-time faculty member at Binghamton University, and having worked in the social services, education, and mental health activist fields on the east coast and in the southwest. Effective January 1, 2019, Diane will be appointed Research Professor and Associate Director of Interdisciplinary Programs and Outreach in the Burton Blatt Institute, College of Law, Syracuse University. Diane self-identifies as an educator, administrator, social worker, advocate, poet, and artist, among other roles. She has longstanding commitments to mindfulness, interfaith and secular contemplation, humanism, and exegesis. Please note that Diane's blog for the Huffington Post does not necessarily reflect the views of the Syracuse University Disability Cultural Center, the Syracuse University Division of Enrollment and the Student Experience, the Burton Blatt Institute, or Syracuse University.