Diane Smith

Advisory Board Member, Mobile Future

Diane Smith serves on the Advisory Board for Mobile Future, a broad-based coalition of businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals interested in and dedicated to advocating for an environment in which innovations in wireless technology and services are enabled and encouraged.

Diane’s experience as an entrepreneur in rural America, combined with a background in public policy, gives her compelling insight into subjects ranging from emerging technologies and rural connectivity, to venture funding. From 2005 – 2007, Diane was a co-founder and CEO of Auroras Entertainment, an IPTV and digital media services company. During that time, she led Aurora’s evolution from concept to start-up through a merger to become Avail Media, Inc., where she served as President until 2008. In less than five years, Avail Media grew to be the largest independent digital media services company in North America. Diane was also a senior executive with Alltel Corporation from 1988-2002, where she managed teams of public policyspecialists to maximize the company’s opportunity for success in the rapidly changing local exchange and wireless industries. Smith lives in Whitefish, Montana with her husband David and daughter Ally.