DiDi Delgado

Poet, Activist, Womyn in search of her own truths.

DiDi Delgado is a queer Black womyn, writer, activist, organizer, freelance journalist, and poet. She is currently Head of Operations at S.O.U.P (The Society Of Urban Poetry), facilitating writing workshops aimed at bridging the gaps between intersections of race, class, gender, sexual identity, and orientation. DiDi is also an organizer with Black Lives Matter Cambridge, and has served on the leadership team for the ACLU's BCPA Committee, and the Boston Branch of the NAACP's Young Adult Committee. She is consistently on the front lines blazing pathways, creating channels, and fostering connections in support of the most marginalized. DiDi is the recipient of the 2015 Jack Powers Stone Soup Savor award, awarded annually to one poet serving the Boston and Cambridge communities as a mentor, while consistently providing distinguished contributions to the art of poetry. Deeply passionate about both her local and global community; DiDi believes that poetry and activism go hand in hand.