Dillon Knight Kalkhurst

Author-Speaker-Coach: Intergenerational Engagement Expert

Author of "Intergenerational Engagement - Understanding the 5 Generations in the Economy and How to Use their Strengths to Improve Communication, Engagement, Sales, and Create Workplace Harmony." Mr. Kalkhurst has 25 years experience helping organizations embrace their "Age Diversity," and has extensive knowledge of what motivates Generation Z, Millennial and GenX parents thanks to two decades studying family dynamics in K-12 Schools. Mr. Kalkhurst is Co-Founder and CMO (Chief Motivation Officer) at D. Knight Marketing & Consulting Group, Inc. where he coaches organizations on personality and generational styles. He also leverages Millennial and Gen Z-targeted social impact programs that drive brand awareness, sales, and employee engagement objectives and celebrates the impact through Video Storytelling. As a professional photographer and videographer, he has perfected the art of storytelling using images to demonstrate the impact of business, school, and community partnerships. Millions have viewed his social impact photographs and videos on his social channels.