Dina Rasor

Investigative reporter, Federal fraud investigator, and author

Dina Rasor is a columnist, reporter and investigator. Ms. Rasor has over 30 years of experience in investigating and exposing defense procurement fraud. She was trained as an investigative journalist and has worked for several media outlets, most recently as a columnist for For ten years in the 1980s Ms. Rasor directed the Washington, D.C. based Project on Military Procurement (now called Project on Government Oversight POGO), a non-profit organization that she founded, in its work with whistleblowers and sources inside the Pentagon and the defense industry exposing fraud and waste. In 1993, she founded the consulting group, The Bauman & Rasor Group, to work with whistleblowers on qui tam False Claims suits and consult for non-profit groups. Ms. Rasor authored The Pentagon Underground (1985) and co-authored Betraying Our Troops: The Destructive Results of Privatizing War (2007).