Debbie Hines

Trial Lawyer, former prosecutor and legal analyst

Debbie Hines is a Washington, DC based trial attorney, legal analyst, former Baltimore prosecutor and member of the Supreme Court bar. Debbie is an expert in criminal law, high profile criminal cases, gun control and gun laws, police brutality, death penalty, domestic violence and Supreme Court cases. She often addresses legal/political issues at the intersection of gender, race and class. As a former felony prosecutor, she tried homicides, attempted murders, rapes, burglaries, robberies, narcotics and economic crimes. Presently, she maintains a boutique law practice focused on civil and criminal litigation. As a trial lawyer in private practice, Debbie advocates for the rights of her clients whether defending those accused of a crime or representing parties in civil cases seeking monetary damages. She has also represented those persons injured through environmental toxins. Debbie frequently appears on local, national and international news programs as a legal/political analyst addressing high profile legal cases, criminal justice, criminal laws, political issues and social justice issues on Al Jazeera, BET, C-SPAN, CBS, CCTV, MSNBC, PBS, Sky News, Fox 5 News (“WTTG”) and NPR local affiliates, among others. Her ability to succinctly explain and simplify complex legal issues and political issues comes from her vast jury trial and court room experience. Hines’ opinion written works appear in the Huffington Post, the Washington Post, Baltimore Sun and Baltimore Afro American. In April, 2014, she was featured in an article in Essence Magazine on gender pay gap. In 2009, Debbie launched Legal, a progressive legal and political blog where she often addresses issues on gender, race and socio-economics. As a social media expert, she frequently addresses issues on gun laws, police brutality, political corruption, domestic violence, criminal justice and social justice issues. Her sharp perspective is one that is rarely heard in mainstream media. She tweets from @legalspeaks. Debbie Hines holds a Juris Doctorate from George Washington University Law School and a Bachelor of Arts degree in U.S. history from the University of Pennsylvania. She is a native of Baltimore, MD.