Daniel Newman

Digital Analyst, 6x Best-Selling Author and Entrepreneur at Broadsuite, V3B, Futurum Research and XVA Labs

I love technology, but I am also extremely passionate about digital transformation and strategy because I believe technology can only reach its potential when it is intertwined with humanity. When people and technology work together to meet their potential, the business results will follow. This is where I come in. I am an entrepreneur focused in the Technology and Digital Space. Founder, partner and operator of 4 companies ranging from my role as Principal Analyst at Futurum Research, a Technology and Analysis firm to the CEO of Broadsuite Media Group and President of Digital Agency V3B. Prior to my days as an entrepreneur, I served as the CEO of EC3, a hosted IT and Communication services provider. Prior to that at the spry age of 28, I was the CEO of United Visual, parent company to United Visual Systems, United Visual Productions, and United GlobalComm; a family of companies focused on Unified Communications and Audio Visual Technologies. I am also an author and contributor to some of the worlds largest media outlets. A regular on Forbes, Entrepreneur and The Huffington Post, as well as the author of 6 Amazon Best-Selling Books: • Futureproof: 7 Key Pillars For Digital Transformation Success • Building Dragons: Digital Transformation in the Experience Economy • The Ultimate Field Guide to Digital Program Management • Evolve: Marketing as we know it is Doomed • The Millennial CEO • The New Rules of Customer Engagement. I am also an Adjunct Professor of Management at North Central College. I attained my undergraduate degree in Marketing at Northern Illinois University and an Executive MBA from North Central College in Naperville, Ill. I currently reside in Naperville Il with my wife (Lisa) and my three children Hailey, Avery and Matthew.