Afshine Emrani

I'm a cardiologist passionate about exploring love, medicine, mysticism, art and the human condition.

Afshine Asher Emrani is a Persian Jew who loves God passionately, and as a result loves the path of healing, loves life, loves love and loves to share what he loves! He is a physician practicing Internal Medicine and Cardiology in San Fernando Valley. Since early childhood, he dreamt of caring for the sick. As a compassionate physician, he feels privileged to serve in a noble field that crosses barriers between the physical, mental and spiritual worlds. He is a dedicated Jew who celebrates the diversity of people. He has taught medical students and nursing students and received accolades for his excitement to impart knowledge. Dr. Emrani has published educational books for medical students and residents and has written one of the first books on the subject of heart disease in women, which was recognized by Laura Bush when she was the first lady. He is an avid collector of antiques and has published in the field of Japanese Earthenware. Dr. Emrani lives in Los Angeles with his wife and three children. He loves nature and finds wonder in the small. He enjoys poetry and the play on words and loves to wrestle with difficult spiritual concepts and lose. He is an eternal optimist and has infectiously spread his views to others. He draws on medicine, art, philosophy and his Beloved to learn, teach, love and heal. Dr. Emrani welcomes you to follow him on Facebook and Twitter.