Dominique Mack

Writer| Counselor| Advocate| Food Enthusiast| DIY Diva

Dominique Mack, LMSW is a writer, counselor, and advocate who hails from Brunswick, Georgia. She's passionate about people, food, and balling on a budget but, not necessarily in that order. She founded designed for those seeking refuge in the midst of life’s trials. It was her mission to provide a safe place to have the uncomfortable conversations nobody wants to talk about. Dominique has multiple degrees in Social Work from Florida State University and an extensive background in victim services helping victims of violent crimes. She has also worked faithfully in her community mentoring and empowering families, women, and girls in various capacities including her most recent role as Community Services Director for Coastal Georgia Area Community Action Authority, Inc. Dominique provides insight for people of all walks of life through her writing to combat self-esteem, shame, abandonment, body image, and depression. Advocating healing through one’s own stories, she shares her personal experiences merged with her therapeutic skill set, and spirituality. She also recently began sharing her love for cooking on social media under the hashtag #cookingwithdmack where she shows individuals and families how to make fabulous affordable meals at home. Most days you can find Dominique pinning projects on Pinterest, concocting DIY ideas, watching Wendy Williams for the latest tea, glued to her phone on social media, texting her best friends, and writing notes-to-self.