Doni Belau

Founder, Girl's Guide to Paris

Doni Belau launched Girls’ Guide to Paris in September of 2009 because of her long-time love and passion for Paris and France in general. She and her husband owned an apartment in Paris for six years and now have a house on the Dordogne river in the Bordeaux region. is an all-encompassing online city guide and features over 4,000 pages of fun ideas, services and insider tips for shopping in, dining in and visiting Paris — all tested and personally selected with care by Doni and her team of locally based editors. GG2P has various projects under development, including their recently
launched Travel Club, iPhone applications, downloadable walking tours and a weekly radio show.

Before the travel business overtook her life, she was for a fundraiser, an activist, and a political and not-for-profit consultant. In 2006 Doni encouraged her young friend Whitney Johnson to start Ubuntu Africa and together they conceived of an organization that would help, assist and empower children and young adults who have HIV/AIDS in South
Africa. Now, five years later, they have helped to save and extend the lives of hundreds of HIV positive children outside of Cape Town in their after-school care center in the township of Khayletisha.

Previous to her not for profit and political work, Ms. Belau worked professionally in media and advertising, producing television commercials.

She has spoken at WE, the Women’s Entrepreneurial Conference in NYC, taught at the Women’s Campaign School at Yale and currently serves as a Democratic district leader in Bedford, NY. She was a former board member of Riverkeeper, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s not for profit environmental group and currently is a board member and co-founder
of Ubuntu Africa.

Doni Belau grew up in the small town of Fremont, Nebraska. She is married and has two children in college. She attended UCLA and she divides her time between Bedford Corners, New York, her house near Bordeaux and Paris, her favorite city.

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