Donna Jean Freberg

writer, blogger, producer

writer, blogger, producer, mother, focusing on spiritual journey, book published, "Love Is My Religion" born and raised in Beverly Hills in the midst of Hollywood/Celebrity royalty. My father was humorist Stan Freberg, I married Todd Fisher early on and all of us, including Carrie, the Ferrer's/Clooney, Cassidy's, yes the boys, Gavin de Becker, the Martin's--Dean's kids, formed a band of brothers and sisters that continues to this day. It wasn't boring. And it's been a tragic year of losses for us. Todd and I did a television show together years ago, most of the above friends helping, writing and staring with us, I've helped start two thriving church services, but I'm not religious. I've been writing for the Huffington Post for years, just not recently, and I missed it :)

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