Doreen Walton

Writer, science journalist, mother and whale nerd

Doreen is an engineer/hydrologist turned journalist and writer. Her current interests are creative and uncreative non-fiction, poetry and material for children. She is a mother of three, living in the British Isles. Doreen has been a radio presenter and editor for more than 15 years, travelling all over the world. She was a key voice for BBC World Service radio from 2000 until 2010, presenting World Briefing, the World Today and World Business Report. She was a member of the presenting team when the World Today won the prestigious Sony Gold award for News and Current Affairs in 2009. Doreen's major specialisms are science, environment, economics and business. She has reported for radio and television from Arctic Alaska, Azerbaijan, Argentina, Chile, Eastern Europe, Greenland, Iceland, Kenya and the Middle East. She lived in the Arctic with Inupiat whalers in 2006, documenting local views on climate change, after winning a BBC Onassis travel bursary. During this trip she pioneered a multi-media approach. On other assignments, she has herded cattle with the Masai in Kenya, helped young Kenyans investigate the impact of HIV/AIDS on their communities and rubbed shoulders with Barack Obama and his dog Bo. Doreen has worked for extended periods in Washington DC, the MIddle East and West Africa. She has worked in conflict/hostile conditions in Ramallah, Hebron, Haifa, Kosovo, the Niger Delta and the Arctic. She has also presented and produced long form programmes including Analysis and Assignment on the BBC World Service. In 2005 she proposed and produced 'The Energy Gap', an innovative long form series based on an 'energy swap' between developed and developing world families for BBC Radio.