Dorote Lucci

Psychotherapist, teacher and content producer for VR. Finding solutions with heart in wellness and health, a creative who plays with innovation, an artist in dialogue

Dorote Lucci is currently working on her Phd in Psychology and has a private practice. She teaches Mindfulness and meditation, clinical hypnosis and helps her clients manage, and heal their anxiety, fears and stresses through integrative wellness practices and innovative support tools based on research. She also facilitates workshops, gives presentations and talks. Having noticed a need in her clients for gentle and playful tools to achieve peace of mind she co founded Embodied Inc in 2014. The first app for reprogramming habit patterns called Worry Bubble (Apple app store) was born in the same year. In 2015, she created CoreReboot and brought out StarflightVR, a mobile Virtual Reality experience. It is a milestone in meditation training and supports therapy clients on their own time to develop a practice and assuage overwhelm PTSD, and phobias. With CoreReboot she also created FlowforbreathVR, which is a powerful intuitive learning experience for breath and meditation training. Both mobile VR experiences focus on stress reduction, anxiety management and meditation. She is currently working with clients to combine therapy with supporting tools to shift negative habit patterns. Her background includes a Master in International Management, cross cultural management as well as complementary medicine practices, interpersonal neurobiology, a Master of Clinical Hypnosis and spiritual practices. She loves the connection between neuroplasticity, human behavior and the possibilities available for us to change our patterning and habits through somatic and integrative experiences. She is fluent in English, German, French and Spanish. She loves poetry and art.