Douglas W. Kmiec


author, legal scholar, diplomat, human rights defender Ronald Reagan's head of the Office of Legal Counsel, Douglas Kmiec issued legal opinions ending federal program discrimination against HIV/AIDS victims and helped the President expand the U.S. territorial sea claim from three to 12 miles. Professor Kmiec became Ambassador Kmiec, after he joined the Obama team with a surprise endorsement of the then-Senator, and helped lead the faith and values effort netting substantial Catholic voters in pivotal states. Dispatched by the new president to the Republic of Malta, Ambassador Kmiec successfully persuaded his host country to observe Iranian sanctions in its vast Mediteranean shipping; led the humanitarian effort to enhance the sea rescue and resettlement of migrant populations, and directed and arranged the rescue of over 100 U.S. personnel and 238 foreign nationals on a rented catamaran from the "Arab spring" violence in Libya. The Ambassador was beloved by the Maltese people and left diplomatic service in an effort to persuade the State Department bureaucracy to fulfill President Obama's pledge in Cairo to promote mutual respect among Abrahamic faith traditions. Prior to government service, Kmiec directed the law and government program at the University of Notre Dame, held the deanship at The Catholic University in Washington DC, and held several disttinguished chairs at Pepperdine University in California.