Dennis Andrulis

I am on the faculty at the Univ. of Texas at Austin, write and lead work on policy, race and health care at the Texas Health Institute

Dennis Andrulis teaches at the University of Texas at Austin and is a Senior Research Scientist at the Texas Health Institute. He has authored numerous books and articles on race, culture, and health care and has been a frequent commentator on politics and policy for print and other media including PRI’s Marketplace, NPR, CBS Radio, the Columbia Journalism Review, The Harvard Political Review and The Huffington Post. Among the many topics of his writing and talks are: Obamacare's promise, progress and challenges; preparing vulnerable populations hurricanes, wild fires, disease outbreaks and other emergencies; and the effects of urban sprawl on health and well-being. His publications such as Quality of Life in the Nation's 100 Largest Cities and Suburbs, and The Social and Health Landscape of Urban and Suburban America painted a portrait of education, child and adult poverty, crime, culture and health in city and suburban neighborhoods and communities across the United States. Dennis lives with his wife and son in Austin Texas.