Dr. Cara Barker

Author, Analyst, Keynotes, Founder of The Love Project, Love Fests and Retreats

Dr. Cara Barker is an author, artist, Nurse Practitioner, and Jungian Analyst. Well known in the Transformational Leadership industry over thirty five years, Barker has been not only a popular keynote speaker here and abroad, but has coached over 100,000. Cara Barker is well known as a dedicated pioneer in the realm of practical spiritual development with particular emphasis on the Sacred Feminine, as it expresses itself through the doorway of creative mastery. Hers is a Creation-centered Spiritual practice. Throughout her work with adults and children, her emphasis is working with our strengths to evolve into the Original Blessing that is our nature.

Maintaining a private practice, and working studio for inter-generational clients, she has mentored not only Fortune 500 leaders, but children, teens and adults from all walks of life. Dr. Barker is an adjunct professor at Seattle University Psychology department, and has lectured at the Universities of Washington, Oregon, California, Maryland, Colorado, Arizona, as well as Johns Hopkins University, George Washington University, the C.G. Jung Institute, the New York Training Institute, and American University, as well as key-noting numerous conferences. There and elsewhere, Cara is devoted to working with leaders to bring forth their unlived lives in ways that transform their world. Her emphasis is on tapping into the source of internal leadership, and bringing this into concrete expression that awakens contribution within individuals and organizations.

Trained as an analyst at the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich, Switzerland, Barker explored the role of symbolism in highly successful individuals who experience what she has coined, “world weariness.” Her ten-year published study, World Weary Woman: Her Wound and Transformation, examines the profound effect of trauma and loss upon achievement-driven women who found creative activity essential for survival. Since its publication, the work has prompted spontaneous study groups, as well as speaking invitations form Taiwan, China, Japan, Africa, Europe, and across North America. Following the September 11, 2001 attacks, Barker’s discussions of the plight and redemption of world weary men and women of all ages led to her published essays, “Where Do I Go From Here? and “Living on the Edge.” Her work has also been featured in Portrait of the Artist as Poet, as well as periodicals such as Noetic Sciences. Additionally, audio publications include “Grieving the Loss of Your Child,” “Reclaiming Your Feminine Authority.” She was featured, as well, in the forthcoming D.V.D. entitled “Sophia’s Song,” as well as the recently released feature: “The ANSWER.” Her work Sacred Space, Sacred Time is forthcoming. Cara Barker’s intermodal art has been highlighted in shows nationally and abroad. It has been described as nothing short of luminary.

Educated in the fields of speech, healthcare, clinical psychology, and expressive arts at the University of Washington, University of California, and Union, Cara is appreciative of the interface of mind, body, and spirit. She served in a special U.S. Army nursing program during Viet Nam, where her devotion to mind-body-spirit transformation was catalyzed. From her capacity to integrate these fields in a uniquely personal way, Barker has been credited with the redemption of suffering in untold numbers of people and organizations.