Dr. Daniel Palestrant

Founder and CEO of Sermo, Inc.

Dr. Daniel Palestrant is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Cambridge-based Sermo, Inc, the largest physician-only online community.

While training in surgery at Beth Israel-Deaconess Hospital in Boston, MA, Daniel Palestrant recognized that continuing changes in the healthcare system had left physicians isolated from one and another. That’s what encouraged him to found Sermo.

Sermo launched in 2006 as an online platform that allowed licensed US physicians to easily share insights and discuss medical trends. In just three years the Sermo physician community has now grown to over 100,000. Physicians log over 25,000 hours each week discussing everything from the latest medical treatments to healthcare reform. Now, as politicians, lobbyists and pundits discuss the future of our nation’s healthcare system, the importance of hearing the voice of dedicated, practicing physicians has never been more evident. And as more and more physicians use the Sermo community to express their views on key issues involving healthcare and the current reform process, it is Dr. Palestrant’s intentions to allow their voices to be heard. Sermo is not about advocating for a specific ideal. It’s about providing a platform for advocacy. Where many voices can express their opinions and unite with a common message.