Dr. Donna Dannenfelser

Former NFL Psychotherapist

Dr. Donna Dannenfelser has been a sports psychotherapist, certified hypnotist, and dream analyst for the past 25 years. Her no-nonsense attitude coupled with her incredible career landed her a television series based on her real-life experiences: USA Network's "Necessary Roughness". In the beginning, she specialized in women's issues, touring the New York area giving motivational workshops on surviving divorce and separation, parenting issues, substance abuse, physical and verbal abuse, the "coming out" for people who choose to live alternate lifestyles, and coping strategies for survivors of tragic experiences.

After a short time, Donna found herself as the mental health clinician for the New York Jets and began specializing in men's issues pertaining to high-profiled professional athletes, including their wives and families. Her clientele extended to professional athletes from other arenas, such as baseball, basketball, hockey, boxing, and golf, along with women's sports such as bodybuilding, skating, and wrestling. Dr. Donna is the author of "Game On!: What I Learned During My Time as the Shrink to the NY Jets - How to Achieve Anything YOU Want in Life!

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