Erika Schwartz, MD

Clinician, author, hormones and prevention expert and patient advocate

Dr. Erika Schwartz is an internationally renowned thought leader and pioneer in the field of prevention, health care that focuses on preventing disease by addressing lifestyles, whole body and mind treatments using conventional and integrative medical modalities. Dr. Erika’s latest book The New Hormone Solution was released on May 9,2017. Combining a Renaissance European upbringing, American education, passion, kindness and common sense, Dr. Erika is the founder and Medical Director of Evolved Science, a concierge medical practice in New York City with more than 1500 active patients. Dr. Schwartz received her undergraduate degree from New York University with honors and her MD from SUNY-Downstate College of Medicine Cum Laude, member of Alpha Omega Alpha honor society. Dr. Erika is world renowned for her expertise and leadership in the conventional use of bioidentical hormones for women and men of all ages in prevention, supplements and nutraceuticals, patient advocacy, integrating diet, exercise, lifestyle, stress and relationship management, sleep and spiritual growth in patient care. She is a strong believer in the responsibility of the doctor toward the patient and the crucial importance of providing health care that is patient centric and focused on excellent patient experience. Dr. Erika is a staunch critic of careless and intimidating medical care and her books disseminate the information and wisdom acquired over decades of research and practice. “Natural Energy”, ‘The Hormone Solution”, “The 30- Day Natural Hormone Plan”, The Teen Weight Loss Solution, “Dr.Erika’s Weight Loss for Your Daughter” and “Dr.Erika’s Hormone Friendly Diet” provide pioneering information and support for people who want to take ownership of their health and live their highest quality of life. On line she is the editorial director and author of a leading resource for prevention, healthy living and bio-identical hormone therapies. She can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Her blog and bylines are found on Huffington Post, Daily Mail, US News and World Report, Prevention and many other noteworthy outlets. Through lectures to medical students, medical school faculty, medical conferences and the public at large, her extensive media presence, volunteering and active medical practice, Dr. Erika is a highly sought after source of valuable information, wisdom, insight into the most pressing medical issues of the day and a gentle and caring guide and provider of balance in the confusing and often disruptive healthcare environment we live in. She helps her followers incorporate conventional with integrative medical practices to enhance and support the natural healing power of the human body. In 2007 she founded, a not for profit educational organization dedicated to the postgraduate training of physicians in all areas of prevention. Dr. Erika has appeared on CBS News, Larry King Live, CNN, MSNBC and numerous local stations. She hosted her own PBS pledge Special and Is past president of SUNY Downstate Board of Managers. She received numerous awards and is a welcome guest in a multitude of health care forums looking at improving healthcare and focusing on prevention. Membership: Board of Managers at SUNY-Downstate College of Medicine, the American Society for Internal Medicine, National Association of Medical Communicators (AMA), International Coenzyme Q10 Society, Board Member of Natural Health and Looking Good Now, Medical Advisor to American Media, AFTRA-SAG, Bioidentical Hormone Initiative. Books: “The New Hormone Solution” (Post Hill Press, 2017) “Don’t Let Your Doctor Kill You” (Post Hill Press, 2015) “The Hormone Solution” (Warner Books, 2002) “The Teen Weight Loss Solution” (W. Morrow, 2003) “The 30 Day Natural Hormone Plan: Feel and Look Better without Synthetic Hormones” (Warner Books, 2004) “Natural Energy” (C.P. Putnam & Sons, 1999)